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22.10.2018- What I Wore Today #351

There’s always something lovely about rediscovering some old favourites during a spot of wardrobe rotation. Whilst I’m long overdue a clear out, I’ve been rummaging through some of my classic style favourites over recent weeks- a pre-emptive strike for downsizing when I get a chance to, as well as injecting a splash of much needed colour into my autumnal wardrobe. One of my all time favourites in particular has been doing a brilliant job of keeping things on the sunny side recently:

Top- Vintage (via Rokit) 
Trousers- Espirit (via ASOS) 
Bag- Zara 
Shoes- Gap 

This vintage purchase has been in my wardrobe for a fair few years now, and I think it’s one of those favourites which feels all the more special because it’s got a secret history! I’m sure I’ve shared it in plenty of posts before, and it remains one of my favourites, particularly because it’s still in really good condition, and because it’s a real one of a kind. And, of course, it goes without saying that the colour and delicate pattern are absolutely perfect for this time of the year! 

What autumn style staples have you rediscovered recently? 

(Image credit: Jessie Anand, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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