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31.10.2018- An Autumn Walk

It’s always lovely to be able to get out and about in the fresh air, and even more so during those weeks where autumn starts to unfold. The often relentless churn of the working week can sometimes mean that the weekends descend into a bit of a duvet festival, especially as the daylight hours seem to shrink away and energy levels wane. However, a few weeks back, with a spate Saturday afternoon at my disposal, mum and I opted to make the most of the sunny weather and head out on a picture perfect autumnal wander:

I always forget just how restorative a leisurely stroll in the fresh air can be, and I’m really lucky to have such a tranquil rambling route right on my doorstep. At this time of the year, it becomes even more magical, with a palette of different hues peppering the trees, and the low sunlight casting everything in the perfect golden glow. For me, there’s a lot to be said for making time for some peace and tranquility, and getting some head space in the great outdoors is always one of those wonderfully welcome activities which helps to put a bit of a reset on everything. I’ve been feeling a little bit rundown recently too, so taking some much needed time out is definitely something I’ll be factoring into my diary for the weeks and months ahead too. 

What are your favourite restorative activities? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Such beautiful photos! We don't really get an autumn in Dubai so definitely glad that I got to experience a bit of it a couple of weeks back! x


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