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12.11.2018- On Creating New Traditions

This time of the year is, without a shred of doubt, perhaps more synonymous with tradition than any other. Whether it's the countdown to Christmas and all of the associated rituals which are so much a part and parcel of the season, or gathering around a bonfire for a gaze at some fireworks, it seems that winter comes with its own set of perennial routines. Whilst these are great markers of time passing, they can also be reminders (especially as the year draws to a close) of what you've not quite gotten round to so far; for me, the year started with a series of resolutions for myself, and whilst I've achieved some of them (travel more, tick!), some of the more practical promises have fallen a little bit by the wayside, especially as we inch closer towards the end of the year and I find energy well and truly drained (see: learning to drive). Needless to say, it's pretty tricky not to beat myself up about what I'm yet to do- especially at a time of the year which tends to irrationally worry me more than any other (I blame it getting dark at 4pm!) Having said that, I am making a bit more of a concerted effort to be kind to myself- prioritising things which are an enjoyable investment of my time- and which also don't cost the earth (having said that, if anyone has any thrifty tips for learning to drive, please do ping them my way!)

Creating new traditions is something which has happened fairly naturally in my life over the last couple of years, and I'm really thrilled that events which started off as incidental meetups have become real rituals in their own right. As well as having booked a Christmas Afternoon Tea with some of my favourite blogging babes (harking back to our adventures at Sketch a few years back), I'm also delighted that an autumnal walk on Hampstead Heath with some of my lovely friends (and former work pals!) is a regular fixture in the seasonal diary now too. For the last three years, we've earmarked an October day to enjoy the great outdoors and a good old chat, and on each occasion we seem to have got more and more fortunate with the weather too. This year, we met up at Hampstead Heath station, wandering along up Parliament Hill before settling down for lunch in beautiful Waterlow Park. Dandering back via Highgate Cemetery, it was lovely to have the opportunity for a prolonged catch up, picking up from exactly where we left off the last time we met up. It's funny- I think as I get older I really appreciate these fantastic friendships- you might not have seen each other for ages, but when you do catch up it's like no time has passed at all. Exactly the kind of tradition I like and can embrace with arms wide open. 

What new traditions have you created for yourself?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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