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05.01.2019- My Month in Pictures: December

December certainly flew by in an absolute flash, didn't it?! To be honest, I really struggled to keep track of time towards Christmas Day- and although I only had a small window of time away from work, it was definitely much needed after a very hectic month, and indeed a whirlwind of year too. December kicked off with my birthday, and featured lots of lovely highlights along the way:

A birthday treat to myself from Alex Monroe at Liberty/Blooms still going strong in the garden/The best tree in town at Somerset House/Stunning sunset/Strong wreath game/Writing cards/More wreath goals /The most Instagrammed place in London?/Festive afternoon tea at Dominique Ansel/Bloom and Wild flowers/A year-end snap/New favourites from Estee Lauder and Oliver Bonas
All in all a month which absolutely flew by but which featured lots of fun activities- and lots of festive favourites too! I'm not too sure what January has in store as I've deliberately kept my weekends fairly free to concentrate on some rest and relaxation- more on how than pans out next month I'm sure!

How was your December?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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