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06.02.2019- Oliver Bonas Spring 2019

With spring slowly but surely creeping towards us, it's wonderfully cheering to feel the days getting a little bit longer and to see sudden bursts of colour after a very long and dreary start to the year. Spring is my favourite season, and there's something wonderfully reassuring about things renewing themselves after the winter. Similarly, over the last few weeks it's been lovely to see lots of new season lines in the shops- and I'm particularly keen on what the wonderful people at Oliver Bonas have got in store for the next few months:

Whilst it might be a little while before we can divest ourselves of our winter woollies and even think about leaving the house without a coat (aka the happiest of days!), it's always lovely to have a sneak peek of what to expect in the shops over the coming weeks and months- and for spring Oliver Bonas are celebrating love. Just in time for Valentine's/Galentine's day, they've got a lovely crop of gifts, as well as some seriously stunning fresh additions to their homeware range- including some incredible lamps which are perfect for brightening things up in more ways than one! There's also a gorgeous crop of new season fashion, some of which is starting to trickle into stores now- I'm hoping that buying a handful of pieces will hurry spring along!

Are you looking forward to the start of spring?

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas.)


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