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08.02.2019- Free People Favourites

It always makes a really refreshing change to have somewhere new to explore, particularly if it’s somewhere which can brighten up a dreary January day in a flash! Such was the case when I ventured into the recently opened Covent Garden branch of Free People and discovered a beautiful bounty of clothes, jewellery and accessories on offer. Their first permanent London home, the Floral Street shop is a perfectly designed pocket of inspiration, replete with a series of signature pieces and lots of new prospects, including some lovely summer style options. I’m holding off from snapping up any clothing until I get a beach break booked in, but I did walk away with some goodies- as well as an arm full of flowers for spending £50 on opening day!

Whilst I’ve got a collection of (as yet) unused candles sitting in my room, this pine and eucalyptus option is definitely a great addition to the collection- particularly as it smells wonderfully fragrant just sitting on my bookshelf. After getting a fresh ear piercing just after my birthday last year, I couldn’t resist this collection of studs, especially as they’re a wonderful combination of colours and designs. Finally, a practical purchase in the shape of these hair slides- just the ticket for keeping my increasingly unruly hair in check! 

Have you discovered any new shopping favourites recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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