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18.02.2019- Beauty Buys: Estée Lauder Eye Gloss by Violette

If I'm being honest, it's usually only a fair few months after Christmas has been and gone that I get the chance to road-test most of my presents, particularly if they're beauty bits and bobs. I'm always keen to use up old products before cracking on with something new, particularly if it's make-up as I usually find myself too much a creature of habit to vary what I use day to day. Having said that, a treat which I found under the tree a few months ago has been well and truly worth the wait:

This eye gloss from Violette's range for Estée Lauder is an absolute dream in a little glass pot, and a product which is as versatile as it is long-lasting. From the La Dangereuse collection, this gloss is perfect for dabbing on eyelids, cheeks or browbones for a dewy finish (think a less solid version of Glossier's Haloscope), and it's also a brilliant base for pigmented eyeshadows too. I've been wearing it on my eyelids both alone and with some of my favourite day-to-day shades, and it's brilliant for adding some serious staying power to powder shadows, as well as really helping to amp up the colour too. Definitely a winner in my books!

Have you been switching up your beauty routine recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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