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04.03.2019- Most Wanted: Whistles Spring 2019

After a sudden burst of almost summertime temperatures, I’m finding myself pretty relieved that we’re now back to standard weather for the time of year- I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated it being under 8 degrees before but June weather in February is pretty scary! I’m also pretty chuffed to be back in my winter coat for the time being, and there’s no doubt that the topsy turvy temperatures can make it quite tricky to know what to wear from day to day, particularly if you’re leaving the house before sun-up most mornings. Luckily, over the last few weeks there has been a slow trickle of new season lines popping up in the shops, and it’s no surprise that Whistles (one of my long term favourites) have come up with the goods once again:

Mid Wash Barrel Leg Jeans, £95/Fashion Detail Cotton Knit in Lemon, £99/Feline Leopard Logo T-Shirt, £49/Oversized Funnel Neck Knit, £119/Cat Eye Sunglasses, £49/You Got This Tote £35/Pink Cherie Embroidered Sweatshirt, £79/Multicoloured Feel Beautiful Tee, £35/Taupe Cornelia Triple Zip Bag, £75, all Whistles

I spied these jeans in store a few weekends ago, and it will probably come as no great surprise to hear that I picked them up almost straight away afterwards- with the added bonus of 20% off! They’re the same fit as the black pair which I picked up about a year ago, so I know that they’ll make a brilliant investment buy- especially as the lighter wash is perfect for spring. Yellow is a colour which is forever synonymous with this time of the year, and this lemon knit is a real winner- and an instant mood booster to boot! Similarly, this tee is perfect if you’re a) a cat person like I am and b) in the market for some new casual pieces to see you through to summer and beyond. 

Another burst of vibrant colour comes from this yellow roll neck jumper (which also comes in a gorgeous emerald green), and is another ideal piece for beating any early morning gloom. Similarly, these cat eye sunglasses are perfect as we look ahead to summer, and ideal for investing in now if you're jetting off to somewhere sunny over the coming months. Next up, this mega motivational tote bag, which (whisper it!), I think would make a brilliant beach bag, as well as being the perfect practical purchase to see you through the working week. 

I'm a big fan of a Whistles sweatshirt, and think that my next purchase will probably end up being this beautiful bubblegum pink style- easy to wear, and another perfect pop of colour. You can't really go wrong with a stripey tee, and this subtle style (complete with slogan) is a wonderful option for a weekend wardrobe. Additionally, this triple zip cross body bag is a great option for throwing on once the working week is over, or if you're travelling and want to keep those everyday essential close whilst on the go.

Have you snapped up any new season pieces recently? 

(Image credit: Whistles, please do not reproduce without permission.) 


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