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08.04.2019- What I Wore Today #366

I love April for a number of reasons, not least because it spells the start of spring in earnest. Now that the clocks have shifted forward and the evenings are getting lighter and lighter by the day (and with the added bonus of a long Bank Holiday weekend on the horizon), it feels like most of the stresses of winter are well behind us, and I am feeling pretty motivated by this most optimistic of seasons. That sense of feeling lighter about things is slowly but surely permeating its way into my wardrobe too, and over the last few weeks I’ve found myself parking a lot of my usual go-to winter pieces in favour of some fresh favourites for spring:

outfit8aprilJumper- H&M 
Skirt- Free People 
Bag- & Other Stories 
Shoes- Adidas 

This jumper from H&M is a piece which I’ve had for a fair few years now, but it’s brilliant for this time of the year, especially as it’s still super cosy and the colour is the perfect hue of spring blue. The skirt is a recent purchase from Free People, and one which I’d patiently waited to make after spotting it online a while back. It’s a little bit more of a statement style than my usual pieces, but since snapping it up in store post-payday, I’ve worn it on average about twice a week, so it’s undoubtedly proving to be money well spent, and the perfect piece for this time of the year. I’m really looking forward to styling it across the seasons too- especially as it lends itself really well to being paired with a spectrum of block colours. 

Have you picked up any new spring staples? 

(Image credit: Michelle Chai, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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