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12.06.2019- What I Wore Today #373

Well, this weather is a tad unpredictable isn’t it? Not that I’m complaining- it’s all good for the garden and I’m more than content as long as we don’t start veering towards the sort of heatwave we had last year! If anything, I’m quite enjoying remixing some of my more wintery style staples for spring and as we head into summer, teaming some old favourites with some fresher additions to my wardrobe and layering up for unpredictable days:

Cardigan- Marks and Spencer 
Tee- F.C. Copenhagen 
Skirt- Marks and Spencer 
Bag- John Lewis 
Shoes- Vans 

This cardigan from Marks and Spencer is a staple which I picked up about this time last year, and is one of those perfect pieces which works with just about everything, and which is especially handy for packing for holidays. Here I layered it over a souvenir from my Copenhagen trip- perhaps a sign that, at the age of nearly thirty, I might finally be coming around to football..! Another staple is this skirt, again from M&S, which is a slightly longer version of the pink style which I posted about a little while ago. Again, another great investment buy which is great for both the weekends and for work.

Which style essentials have you been living in of late? 

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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