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21.06.2019- What I Wore Today #374

Although it's June, I can't say that I've noticed myself particularly reaching for my usual go-to summer pieces, probably because the weather has been a little bit on the unpredictable side of late. If I'm being totally honest, recently I've also been favouring a regular rotation of comfortable, casual staples- the sort of pieces which are easy to throw on first thing without too much fuss (affording a bonus of an extra five minutes of snoozing!) One such style in particular from Monki has been a real saviour over the last few weeks: 

Dress- Monki
Bag- John Lewis
Sunglasses- Ganni
Shoes- Adidas

This dress isn't usually the sort of style which I'd opt for straightaway, but I came across it when I was browsing a little while ago and took the plunge. It's definitely a purchase which has paid dividends, and I've been living in it more or less once or twice a week since I picked it up. The sweater style makes it super easy to wear (and warm!), and I love the contrasting block colours too. As well as being one of the most comfortable styles which I own, it's also a really versatile addition to my wardrobe- and one of those pieces which works just as well for work as it does at the weekends. 

Which style staples have you been living in recently?

(Image credit: Michelle Chai, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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