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24.06.2019- Where to Eat in Copenhagen

As well as the amazing attractions, beautiful surroundings and infectious happiness, one of the best things about Copenhagen is, without doubt, the food. As I was planning the trip (complete with recommendations from friends, I knew that if there was one thing it would be worth saving my pennies for, it would be eating out at restaurants across the city. Having said that, when I arrived I was actually pleasantly surprised that the food and drink didn't break the bank at all- being teetotal definitely helps in this regard, but if you're sensible and plan ahead then you can indulge in a series of glorious meals without spending more than you would at home. Every meal was a total treat- and penning this post has got me desperate to make a return visit: 

Bæst, Guldbergsgade 29, 2200 København, Denmark

Baest was one of the restaurants which was most consistently recommended to me by friends before my trip, so it seemed like the perfect place to make a reservation for our first night in the city. The emphasis here is on sharing, with an array of charcuterie, cheeses and freshly prepared vegetables sitting alongside a host of pizzas, all cooked to order on a wood fired oven at the heart of the restaurant. A fusion of sustainable, organic ingredients sourced locally and Italian flavours, Baest was the perfect introduction to some incredible Danish cuisine, and we opted for a selection of dishes including garlic bread and lardo of Cinta Senese, freshly grilled kale and sharing pizzas- honestly the best I’ve ever tasted. The ambiance of this restaurant is wonderfully relaxed too, and the staff couldn’t be friendlier. Definitely one to check out if you’re heading to Copenhagen soon!   

Atelier September, Gothersgade 30, 1123 København, Denmark

Another destination which was unanimously recommended was Atelier September, where we headed for brunch on our first full day. As expected, it was quite busy when we arrived, but after a little wait we were able to grab a table and order some signature dishes- the avocado on toast and shakshuka. Both were really flavoursome and prepared from scratch, and enjoyed along with a freshly baked cookie, coffee and grapefruit lemonade. For a speedy pitstop, Atelier September is definitely worth investigating, although I’d suggest making your visit just after peak breakfast time and before the lunchtime rush. 

Väkst, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København, Denmark

Vækst was our destination for dinner on our second night, and one of the highlights of the trip. With a menu offering a new Nordic cuisine, the inside-meets-outside feel of this restaurant perfectly reflects the fresh provenance of the ingredients,with locally sourced vegetables at the heart of most of the dishes on offer. The set menu is excellent value for money, with three courses and aperitif being comparable to London- and absolutely delicious with it (especially the dessert!) I don’t think I’ve ever eaten food which has felt more expertly curated- with thought given to every aspect of the dining experience, from flavour, to texture, appearance and beyond. The set menus change regularly depending on what is in season too, so you’re almost certain never to have the same dining experience twice.

Meyers Bageri Store Kongensgade, Store Kongensgade 46, 1264 København, Denmark

For a quick snack after our visit to the Design Museum and Amalienborg, we headed to Meyers Bageri for what was, by now at least, the compulsory cinnamon bun! These much-lauded treats are rightly recommended, not least because they are light, flavoursome and the perfect way to fill the void between breakfast and lunch if you’re using up a lot of energy walking about the city. As well as the buns, Meyers is also home to a bountiful selection of freshly baked bread and other sweet treats- so definitely worth investigating. 

Mad & Kaffe Frederiksberg, Godthåbsvej 45 st. th, 2000, Denmark

Mad & Kaffe in Frederiksberg was a little bit of a trek on our penultimate evening in the city, but was well worth the walking, especially as it afforded us a chance to get to know a new part of town. A casual cafe which serves everything from breakfast to dinner, Mad & Kaffe is really relaxed with a menu full of hearty, comforting options, and a really informal, relaxed feel too. I opted for the pork burger and chips, served with red cabbage coleslaw and pickles, and wouldn’t hesitate to order the same thing again. To top it off (and as it was the end of the day!) we were offered a free dessert- never has a chocolate brownie tasted so good!   

Torvehallerne Copenhagen, Frederiksborggade 21, 1362 København, Denmark

The Torvehallerne Covered Food Market was just a short walk away from our lovely hotel, and the perfect place to head to for lunch on our final full day in Copenhagen. Three really is something to satisfy every taste here, from freshly prepared hot good to signature smørrebrød. I opted for two varieties from Hallernes, and it was love at first bite- even more so as everything was freshly prepared right in front of my eyes. Whilst there, I also picked up some sweet treats, which definitely didn’t disappoint- in fact, we were such fans that we headed back on our final morning for a coffee and to soak up some of the weekend ambiance before jumping on train to the airport. 

Not pictured here, but equally worth a mention- La Rocco at Ibsens Hotel, where we headed for supper on our final evening. With a comprehensive Italian menu created using fresh, seasonal ingredients (can you sense a bit of a theme here?!), La Rocca was perfect as it was right on our doorstop- and offered a truly delicious selection of dishes. 

Have you discovered any new foodie favourites recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)    


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