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29.07.2019- How To: Create Your Own Homemade Hand-Tied Bouquet

With summer in full bloom, I've been spending a lot of time of late in one of my favourite places- the garden! Every year, it's lovely to see the little growing projects which I've been working on coming to fruition, and some old favourites returning to flower. It really is the season of plenty, so I've been getting a little bit creative and thinking about how to make the most of everything which is blooming at the moment (whilst still leaving plenty for the bees and butterflies), and creating a hand-tied bouquet from scratch is a great way to bring a little bit of the outside indoors. I made mine a few weekends ago using flowers and foliage which I'd found in the garden, but it's easy enough to replicate with some blooms from the supermarket too. Here's a little step-by-step guide:

Step One:
  • Get set up on a workspace which is large enough for you to be able to see all of your blooms in the same place- a kitchen bench or patio table is great for this. You'll need some scissors or secateurs and some garden string to tie everything together at the end.  I popped some newspaper down to protect the surface I was working on too. You might also want to wear gardening gloves.
  • Source and prepare your flowers- for this particular bouquet, I wanted to create a wild feel, so focused on blooms which grow quite prolifically in my garden at this time of the year- sweetpea, scabious, lavender, cornflowers and hydrangeas. Foliage is important too, so I cut some wisteria leaves and some stalks from our cherry tree to provide some structure.

Step Two:
  • Separate the foliage from the flowers, trimming the stems as appropriate. These green leaves act as the backbone of your bouquet so start arranging them in a circulate shape (think spiral!) Once you're happy with this basic structure, you can start adding in the flowers- I prefer to add in the larger blooms first so I can get a better sense of the shape and proportion of the bouquet. From there, start working in the smaller stems, bearing in mind colour and shape but not being too slavish- if you're creating a bouquet made up more or less of wildflowers, then there are no real rules to adhere to!
  • Keep quite a slack grip on the stems as you go- this means that it's easier to switch things in and out as you go. Regularly turning your bouquet upside down and giving it a little shake also helps to maintain a loose feel. Expect to start over a few times- it look me three attempts before I was happy with how this bunch ended up!

Step Three:
  • Once you're happy with the finished product, tie it together loosely with your string. Then display in a vase or jug of your choice- with plenty of water it should last well for a good few days, and a teaspoon of sugar in the water will really help to pep the blooms up if they're looking tired. 

How have you been getting creative recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.) 


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