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31.07.2019- Most Wanted: Sézane Style

Now that we’re officially in the midst of high summer and peak holiday season, it’s easy to end up in a bit of a flap when it comes to putting together the perfect hot-weather proof wardrobe. After the horrific temperatures of last week, I’ve realised that I really struggle with deciding what to wear to try and keep cool when it’s boiling hot outside, but finding those hero pieces really does make things much easier when the temperatures start climbing. One brand which has absolutely smashed the summer holiday aesthetic-Sézane- is a label which I’ve admired for a long time, and their high summer hits are well and truly worth their weight in gold:

Ama Dress, €150/Havane Basket, €50/Josie Dress, €150/ Aretha Blouse, €95/Personalised Pendant, €180/Adela Skirt, €130/Low Ilda Espadrilles, €85/Rick Top, €85, all Sézane

This Ama dress is the stuff that holiday dreams are made of- loose, light and the kind of piece which works well for almost every occasion, whether that be the beach or exploring a new city. There’s something about the combination of blue and white which is also totally synonymous with summer too, so this piece is sure to be an investment which will pay off in the cost-per-wear stakes. Another summer staple comes in the shape of the basket bag, and this one is a real winner. Big enough to stash all of the essentials whether you're headed to the beach, away on a city break or want to save on suitcase space by stashing everything you need in this and carrying it on to the plane.

The Josie dress is another great option for fuss-free summer dressing, and is smart and versatile enough for work as well as for a holiday wardrobe- I love the bright red hue too. Next up, the Aretha blouse, which I love because of the beautiful floral design, and the pretty colourway. As well as working wonderfully with trousers, I think it would look great under a pinafore dress too, so another versatile prospect for the summer. In terms of accessories, I always tend to opt for paring things down over the summer, and this personalised pendant is a lovely staple piece- the kind of option which never goes out of style and works really well whatever you're wearing. 

The Adela skirt is another real winner, and a lovely light chambray which makes it perfect for when the weather gets warm. If you, like me, struggle with knowing which footwear to reach for when it gets hot, then these espadrilles are the ideal option- especially as the contrasting detail adds a really lovely touch. Finally, the Rick top, which is about to make its way into my shopping basket- the dreamiest of holiday essentials if ever I saw one! 

Have you picked up any new style essentials recently? 

(Image credit: Sézane.)


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