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12.08.2019- What I Wore Today #380

As I’ve touched on in a few previous posts, over the last year or so, I’ve really managed to streamline my travel wardrobe, thanks mostly to investing in some top quality pieces which really stand up in both the comfort and practicality stakes. My recent breaks to both Ireland and Scotland were quite active and involved lots of walking, as well as jumping in and out of the car to get from A to B, so for each of these trips stashing comfortable staples in my suitcase was essential, especially when it came to climbing Dun na Cuaiche in Inverary along with Katharine:

Top- & Other Stores 
Trousers- Lululemon 
Bag- Fjallraven 
Shoes- New Balance 

This top from & Other Stories is a piece which I picked up in their most recent sale, and it’s a style which works really well with lots of existing pieces in my wardrobe, making it more or less the perfect basic piece. I packed it for Scotland as it’s an ideal all-weather essential too, and the contrasting stripe detail adds a lovely touch too. For climbing the steep three miles to the top of Dun na Cuaiche, my Lululemon On the Fly trousers were the perfect choice- I honestly cannot recommend them enough if you’re in the market for a truly comfortable option for everyday. 

Which pieces have you been stashing in your suitcase this summer? 

(Image credit: Katharine Morgan, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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