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28.08.2019- Beauty Buys: My End of Summer Stash

Whilst I've very definitely settled on most of the day-to-day beauty products which populate my makeup bag and dressing table, every so often it's lovely to be able to mix things up a little bit with some fresh additions to the routine. Over the summer, I've amassed a little stash of new products which I've been road-testing, and each of them has been a really pleasant surprise: 

The Caudalie Resveratrol eye lifting balm is a product which I picked up after a recent facial at their lovely Covent Garden spa, and I've been using it every evening before bed for the last few weeks. If I'm being honest, I'd never really given eye creams that much thought before, but after experiencing a little bit of dry skin in that area, it seemed like a good opportunity to invest in something to help! This product is lovely and light, and really easy to apply too- perfect for the end of the day when all I can usually do is fall into bed! Alongside this, I've also been using the Premier Cru Precious Oil, which has done wonders for brightening my complexion, and has been a great addition for these warmer months, as it's a lot lighter than the usual night cream which I'd reach for. 

Next up, this Field Day soap which I picked up on Rathlin Island! This one is Tea Rose and Otto Plum, and as well as smelling wonderful, it's also lovely and gentle. Definitely one which I'll be looking out for over here. Finally, this miniature sample size of Origins' Retexturising Mask, complete with rose clay. I picked this up from the newly opened flagship Boots in Covent Garden (they have a fantastic selection of travel sizes), and have been using it a couple of times a week. I'm truly converted to this one, especially as it does exactly what it says on the label without being too abrasive, and because even the tiniest amount of product makes a huge difference. One which I'm sure I'll be repurchasing before too long! 

Have you been converted by any new beauty buys? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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