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25.09.2019- The Alkemistry, Covent Garden

I’ve had my ears pierced since I was quite young, but over recent years have added to my collection with some additions on each ear- predominantly because I’m a bit of a magpie and love the opportunity to pair up lots of my favourite earrings at once. Last weekend, I was invited along to The Alkemistry in Covent Garden for a new lobe piercing- I’ve been walking past their beautifully decorated windows since the shop opened earlier in the year, so was really excited to step inside and sample the experience for myself:

After being greeted by a really friendly front of house team and selecting my stud, I met my piercer- the fantastic Frederika. I’m not phobic of needles and haven’t ever been in a situation where I’ve been scared of being pierced, and Frederika was wonderful at talking through exactly what I wanted and putting me completely at ease. Each of the piercings offered at The Alkemistry are carried out with a needle rather than a gun, which allows for greater precision and is also much less stressful- a win win all round! After completing all of the paperwork, I sat back in their piercing chair (complete with beautiful butterfly festooned ceiling to gaze at!), and following a few deep breaths, the piercing was done and dusted. Completely fuss free, it was also the least painful of all of my piercings to date which was great, and I wouldn’t hesitate in heading back to The Alkemistry- particularly now as I’m looking at the possibility of a cartilage addition They also have a lovely range of jewellery to buy too- so needless to say I’m already saving my pennies for a special occasion purchase. 

Piercing is available at The Alkemistry, Floral Street every Thursday evening and Saturday all day. 

I was very kindly invited along to review a piercing as a guest of The Alkemistry. As ever, my impressions are 100% honest. 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell and Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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