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30.09.2019- What I Wore Today #387

Whilst I've amassed quite a hefty collection of dresses which I'm already eagerly thinking about styling for the autumn and winter, sometimes it's lovely to take things back to basics with a good pair of jeans and a simple tee. Usually by the time it gets to the end of the week, I find myself opting for something more casual (dress down Fridays are still very much a 'thing' in my mind!), and recently have been switching up some favourite staples with a couple of new statement additions to my wardrobe:

Tee- Stine Goya (via Quattro Rish) 
Cardigan- Marks and Spencer
Jeans- Whistles 
Sunglasses- Warehouse 
Bag- Fjallraven 
Shoes- Flossy

I picked up this Stine Goya tee from one of my favourite local boutiques at the end of the summer, and it's a firm favourite already- especially as it brings back such fond memories of my trip to Copenhagen earlier in the year. For the transitional temperatures (and seemingly constant showers!) which we're having just at the moment, it works perfectly layered under a cardigan (this favourite from Marks and Spencer is a piece which I'm so glad I invested in last year), and teamed with jeans. I've sung the praises of the barrel leg style from Whistles for what feels like forever, but they really are a great buy, and the perfect fit too- well worth saving up for. 

Have you picked up any transitional essentials recently?

(Image credit: Michelle Chai, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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