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02.10.2019- Fitness Favourites for Autumn

Now that we’re in autumn proper, I’m starting to think about switching up my exercise routine for the chillier weather. As much as I love running, it can be quite tricky to get motivated to go out and hit the pavements when it’s dark and drizzly outside, so I’ve been thinking about switching things up with some different activity. Whilst it’s definitely tempting to enter into hibernation mode during the winter, I’m always really surprised at just how much of a difference regular exercise makes to my how I feel overall, which is why I always make an effort to do something at least a couple of times a week. Investing in the right kit over the last couple of years has also made a massive difference to how motivated I feel too, which is why I was so thrilled when Sweaty Betty got in touch to introduce some of their autumn essentials:

After completing my Miles for Refugees challenge on Monday, I’m feeling pretty achey in the legs and hips- so some long overdue yoga is well and truly in order! This co-ordinating combination is perfect for yoga or pilates, and super comfortable too, as well as being the perfect autumnal hue. Similarly, I’m also a huge fan of this swimsuit which I’ve been wearing to the pool religiously over the last few weeks, and which really stands up to the challenge of regular use, as well as being the perfect piece of sportswear in that it allows you to completely concentrate on the task at hand. I’ve currently got it stashed in my suitcase for my trip to Dubrovnik at the end of the week- so I’m sure that it’ll be making plenty more appearances on these pages in future posts! Have you invested in any new fitness favourites recently? 

*I was very kindly gifted these products by Sweaty Betty. As ever, my opinions and impressions remain 100% honest. 

 (Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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