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28.10.2019- My Autumn Additions

Just a spring is a season of transition and transformation, so the same is true of autumn. Although both seasons are distinctly different, the sense of change and renewal which they bring with them makes them real favourites of mine, especially as they always tend to make me feel a sense of momentum and progress which I definitely don’t have all year round- particularly (and I’m sure that this will come as no surprise!) in the winter. With the feeling of flux which this time of the year brings with it in the air, I’ve embraced the opportunity for a seasonal spruce up, equipped with some new favourites for the weeks and months ahead:

(Clockwise, left to right- prints by Annie Dornan Smith, glasses by Specsavers, jacket and blouse by Soeur at Tidy Street Store, Brighton.)
I've been looking for some new prints to spruce up my room for a little while now, and this one by Annie Dornan Smith fits the bill absolutely perfectly. The peony design is ideal for keeping a grip on a little slice of spring as the evenings draw in, and it's a lovely modern nod to some of my favourite antique botanical prints, as well as offering plenty by way of accent colour options as well. On a slightly more adult note, I've been meaning to get a spare pair of glasses for what feels like forever, so before I went away at the start of the month I popped along to Specsavers and snapped up these frames for only £10- a real bonus of being a part of their contact lens subscription service. Finally, two new additions to my wardrobe in the shape of this rose canvas jacket and beautiful printed blouse by Soeur which I picked up from Tidy Street Store in Brighton. Both pieces were in their sale, and having had my eye on them for ages, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to invest. I'm sure they'll both be popping up in outfit posts on these pages very soon, so watch this space! 

Have you made any updates for autumn?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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