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29.11.2019- What I Wore Today #393

As I touched on in my last style shaped post, over the last few weeks I’ve been mixing up my knits in an attempt to stave off the chilly weather and still keep things as colourful as possible. Now that the days are growing darker, I find that I have to make a conscious effort to avoid wearing black day in day out, and so have added a few fresh staples to my knitwear stash for some much needed mood-boosting colour:

Jumper- Levete Room via The Hambledon 
Trousers- Baum und Pferdgarten 
Sunglasses- & Other Stories 
Bag- Fjallraven 
 Shoes- New Balance 

This knit from Levete Room is such a lovely colour, and it’s proving the perfect bridge between seasons in my wardrobe. The slightly oversized fit makes it the ideal cosy essential, and it lends itself really well to a host of different styling options, whether worn with jeans or layered over a dress. Here I wore it with (surprise surprise!) my Baum und Pferdgarten trousers, which I think may well rank among my best cost-per-wear investment of the year, and are surprisingly still holding their own in the chilly weather too. Watch this space for their next appearance! 

Have you been mixing up your winter staples recently? 

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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