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09.12.2019- Interiors Update: Framing Favourites

Whilst it’s rare that I have a few hours spare to crack on with anything other than the usual routine of tidying up about the house, a few weekends ago I found myself with a little bit of time to spare to crack on with a project I’ve been meaning to get on with for a while now- namely framing and hanging some of the lovely prints I’ve been amassing over the last year or so. Little keepsakes which I’ve collected on my travels, these are cards and small pieces of art picked up in locations including Coleraine, Galway and Dubrovnik- serving as a lovely reminder of some really wonderful experiences and fantastic memories formed too. After ordered some fairly cheap picture frames from Amazon and digging out my Command hanging strips from the mystical bottom drawer, I set to work framing some of my favourites:

Stretching out on the wall above my dressing table, this selection is now brightening up the winter mornings perfectly. I love that there’s a story behind each print, and that each one has a special meaning and memory associated with it. I’ve got a fair few more additions to make to this gallery wall and can’t wait to get cracking- it’s definitely a really easy, inexpensive way to spruce up any space- as well as a great excuse to plan more trips to keep adding to the display! 

Have you made any home improvements recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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