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16.12.2019- A Festive Dinner Table DIY

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling slightly frazzled with some last-minute preparation, but with some final present buying completed over the weekend I’m really looking forward to having a little bit of time to enjoy a few days of rest in the run up to Christmas Day. I’ve also been thinking about having a more sustainable festive season, so have shopped around to find recyclable wrapping paper and will only be buying a handful of cards. I’ve also been experimenting with some crafty, cost-effective alternatives for festive décor, including some natural floral table pieces which look lovely and definitely don’t break the bank: 

To make these pretty plate decorations, I used some blooms which I had around the house following my birthday at the start of the month- but for a few pounds from any good local florist you’d be able to get your hands on something similar- whether that be roses and eucalyptus like I used here or something else like gypsophila or holly (I’d be wary of using mistletoe as it’s poisonous!) All that you need in addition to your flowers and foliage of choice is some natural twine to bring everything together, making sure that all of your stems are the same length and that you’ve taken away and excess foliage. It really is as simple as that- and a wonderful way to get creative too. As well as that, I found that making these was a wonderful way to carve out some calm time amidst the hustle and bustle, especially if you’ve got a festive playlist rolling in the background. Even better, these are little multipurpose marvels too- once they’ve adorned your plates, they look wonderful in bud vases on your table and around the house, and with a little addition of sugar to the water they should survive well towards the end of the year too. 

Have you been getting crafty with any Christmas makes? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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