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23.12.2019- Travel Talk: Artist Residence, Brighton

A few weeks ago, in celebration of my 30th (!!) birthday, and accompanied by my lovely friend Katharine, I headed down to Brighton for a Friday night stay at the Artist Residence. The original hotel of this cult favourite sits at the top of Regency Square, and proved to be the perfect pitstop for a night by the sea- even in early December! It’s also been a little while since I’ve been down to Brighton, so it was great to be able to make the most of this extended stay and explore more of the city at a more leisurely pace than usual: 

The surroundings of the hotel couldn’t have been more comfortable- we were in the Bigger Sea View which was perfect. Highlights included the amazing rainfall shower (always one of my favourite things about a stay away from home!), beautiful one-of-a-kind décor with amazing vintage furniture and a wonderfully curated selection of locally sourced goodies waiting in the room on arrival. Waking up to see the sea first thing on the Saturday morning was lovely too, although slightly obscured by the i360 which is a little bit incongruous with the architecture and general feel of the seafront. All in all though, a lovely stay, and one which has already got me thinking about visiting another Artist Residence- I think Oxfordshire might be next on the list! 

Have you stayed anywhere new recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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