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29.01.2020- Beauty Buys: A Glossier Update

Just before Christmas, I took the plunge and treated myself to a new Glossier bundle- their Dinner Party Set- perfect for kicking the new year off with some fresh additions to my makeup bag. As well as repurchasing some tried and tested favourites, I also added some new products to my basket which I’d been wanting to try for ages- including some bits from the Glossier Play range which I’d missed the first time around:

I’ve been wanting to try Futuredew since it launched last year, and after hearing a rave review from Michelle, I was convinced to snap it up. As a hybrid serum, it’s the ideal final step for any morning routine, and adds the perfect finishing dewy touch, creating a lovely natural finish. It’s proven to be perfect for this time of the year too- and ideal for combatting the dullness which is so much a part and parcel of winter. I’ve been a big fan of Cloud Paint since it was available in the UK, and added Puff to my collection recently- it’s a lovely soft pink and probably the most subtle of the shades which Glossier have on offer. Even better, it’s super easy to apply in a rush first thing in the morning, and has incredible staying power too- the ideal low-maintenance colour cosmetic. 

Another new addition, and a fresh discovery from me from the Play range is the Vinylic Lip- here in Bank. I love the deep burgundy colour but so far have been slightly disappointed at how quickly it wears off- sadly, definitely one which doesn’t stand up to a day of wear. Next up, Boy Brow in clear, which I added to my collection after getting on so well with the brown version. Again, this is great as a finishing touch, and has definitely helped me to tame my brows! Finally, Niteshine in Pale Pearl from the Play range- a pearlescent highlighter which catches the light perfectly and is great for a more luxurious look- it was perfect for the festive season and I’m sure that I’ll be reaching for it again a lot over the summer months and into autumn…wedding season! 

Have you discovered any new Glossier favourites? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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