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31.01.2020- Travel Plans for 2020 and beyond...

The start of the year always feels like the perfect time to make plans to travel, and if you’re especially canny then it’s also a great time to save some serious pennies in the process. Additionally, if you’re trying to maximise your annual leave allocation, then some strategic planning around Bank Holidays can also prove really helpful- one of my biggest hacks of last year was being able to bag three weeks out of the office with using only nine days of annual leave! My travel plans for the year ahead are slowly taking shape, and I’m really excited to be heading to Florence for the first time in April, and making some return trips to Ireland too- I cannot wait to be back amidst plenty of green and a bountiful supply of Taytos!

Fingers crossed that another visit to Scotland is on the cards too- I'm hoping to make it to Skye for some much needed escapism! September also heralds my first trip to Cornwall, which I’m really excited for too- here’s to lots of cream teas and pasties by the seaside. I’m also hoping to squeeze in a late autumn break much like I did last year when I went to Dubrovnik, although at the moment I’m not sure as to where to opt for- any suggestions would be really welcome! 

For 2021, I’m also looking to travel further afield- I’d love to make it back to New York, but am also really keen to visit Costa Rica- watch this space! 

Are you heading off anywhere exciting on any trips this year? 

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