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05.02.2020- A Jewellery Update

I’ve posted a few times in the past about my jewellery collection and shared a lot of my favourites in standalone posts. Over the couple of months, my stash has grown a little bit, with the addition of some new goodies which I was very kindly gifted for my birthday, as well as a piece which I treated myself to as a way to wave a fond farewell to my twenties! I never used to be a big fan of necklaces, but over recent years I’ve become a bit of a convert, and love how much of a subtle difference they can make to any outfit, as well as being a lovely thoughtful touch (especially if a piece has a particular sentiment attached)- something reassuring to carry around with you even on the most testing of days: 

Clockwise, from left- Peaceful Girl with Fist Charm, Leith Clark for Catbird NYC / Ring, Zanni Jewellery via Etsy/ Sagittarius Charm Necklace, Accessorize/ Peace Charm and Chain, Tidy Street Store 

This charm from Leith Clark’s range for Catbird NYC was a gift from my lovely friends for my birthday- and one which I couldn’t be more happy to have received. There’s something really empowering about this little motif, and it’s something which I always find myself reaching for when I need a little dose of extra confidence. *fist pump* I treated myself to this ring from Zanni Jewellery before Christmas, and although there was a tidy customs charge added, it was well worth it. Again, the sentiment is perfect for days when you feel like you need to protect yourself a little bit, and I love that it’s subtle enough so as not to be seen by anyone, unless they’re super close. 

This Sagittarius charm necklace from Accessorize was a birthday present from my mum, and it’s lovely as it means a lot- a reminder of the need to populate life with adventure! Finally, this peace charm and chain which I picked up from Tidy Street Store back in December- as well as being a lovely, unique addition to my collection, it’s a pertinent reminder of the need to keep calm and manifest good vibes, even at the most testing of times- and on a personal level, it really helps me to feel that little bit more optimistic every time I wear it. 

Which jewellery pieces are your everyday essentials? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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