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07.02.2020- Weekend Walks: Chawton, Hampshire

Towards the end of last year, my lovely walking friends and I undertook yet another trek- this time to beautiful Chawton in Hampshire. After getting the train to Alton, we undertook a pilgrimage to the Jane Austen House Museum- well worth a visit if you’re in the area, and a wonderful way to find out more about this most beloved of writers. Seeing her writing table up close, as well as admiring so many of the lovingly displayed artefacts around the museum was a really great way to find out more about her, and particularly the later years of her life which she spent in Chawton:

After visiting the museum, we had a quick pitstop for lunch at the The Greyfriar (the most delicious Sunday roast!), before heading off on the Jane Austen Circular Walk- 4.5 miles through the beautiful woods and fields of Chawton, passing so many lovely thatched cottages along the way! Even better, the weather held out for us too, which made things all the more enjoyable, and I’d love to head back in the spring to discover more of this beautiful part of the world. 

Have you visited anywhere new recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell and Hannah Last, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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