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23.03.2020- Walking Wonders: Leith Hill

Last month, before the world as we know it completely span upside down, my lovely walking friends and I headed out for another training walk ahead of our Trekstock Hadrian's Wall challenge. It feels so strange to look back at these photos now, especially as at the time we were so blissfully ignorant of what would be happening only a matter of weeks later. I was in two minds about whether to share this post, but looking back on such a lovely day soaking up the great outdoors has really helped me to try and recalibrate after last week, and although our trek has now been postponed until September, I'm really trying to find the light amidst the darkness. Celebrating the beauty and healing power of being immersed in nature is one thing which has helped me through so many upsets in life so far, as I know it will do again once all of this is over:

Our walk took in the Leith Hill and Holmwood Loops in Dorking, and although the conditions were very challenging (more like a mudbath in places), right now I'd take it for an opportunity to be back out rambling in the wild with my friends. Highlights included Leith Hill Tower- the highest point in the South East- and being able to see as far as the Wembley Arch when we reached the top of the hill. As I've touched on in a few previous posts, there's something which is wonderfully rewarding about pushing your body and celebrating what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. With that in mind, I'm responsibly (and with distancing in mind) keeping up with my usual routine of running and walking, getting out in the fresh air (even if it's just in the garden) once a day to keep physically active and banish cabin fever. It's undoubtedly a scary time for everyone, but looking for the little positives in every day- even if it's something as simple as seeing some spring flowers in bloom- is really helping me.

How are you holding up?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell and Hannah Last, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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