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29.04.2020- What I Wore Today #412

Although my wardrobe at the moment is very much erring towards the comfortable side of things (and whose isn't?), looking back through my archive of posts is bringing me lots of happiness at the moment. It's hard to predict when things will go back to normal, or when we'll start adjusting to the new normal, but for now I'm fondly remembering happier days at the start of the year, when something as simple as meeting a friend for lunch and taking a few photos would always put a smile on my face:

Cardigan- Warehouse 
Tee- Girls on Tops 
Trousers- lululemon 
Shoes- Adidas 

This Warehouse cardigan is actually one of the pieces which I've been reaching for at home over recent weeks as it's so comfortable and the beautiful blue hue really cheers me up. I was really sad to hear about them heading into administration last week, but sadly I think that they might be the first of a few favourites to face this prospect. This tee from Girls on Tops is a purchase which I made at the start of the year after loving Little Women, and here I wore in on the day after the Oscar nominations were announced- my own little protest of sorts! Again, this is another piece which I've been living in a little bit of late- it's definitely one which makes me smile. 

Which of your everyday wardrobe heroes have you been adapting for home? 

(Image credit: Michelle Chai, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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