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18.05.2020- Feel-good Favourites for Furlough Life

I've been on furlough from my job for about five weeks or so now, and whilst there's a lot to enjoy about having a break from working, it's also been a pretty unsettling time too. I've never not worked, and since I graduated back in 2011 (nearly 10 years ago, good grief!), I've been steadily employed, albeit having moved around a little bit for the first half of that period. However, I've been in my current job for the best part of four and half years, so to suddenly find myself at a loose end has been a bit of a strange adjustment to make. 

Whilst I'm not sure how much longer the current situation will last, I'm trying my best to upskill a little bit (I'm currently on the lookout for a beginners coding course if anyone has any recommendations!), and feel more thankful than ever that I've got these pages to have a bit of a brain dump on every so often too. Whilst I'm become reacquainted with some daytime tv favourites (I never thought I'd get so excited as I did when found out that there was a new series of A Place in the Sun starting last week!), I've also been cultivating a selection of favourite things (in the style of Maria von Trapp) which have been putting a smile on my face from day to day. Sort of a selection of feel-good furlough favourites:

Magazines- I don't usually tend to have a huge amount of time to read the magazines I get regularly cover to cover, but all of that has changed recently! I've really enjoyed being able to catch up on a backlog of Harper's Bazaar issues, and have also started subscribing to Red too which I've been loving lately. I've also been getting Grazia every week, and the team there are doing a fantastic job at using their pages to shine a light on the really important, of-the-moment issues, from domestic abuse to dispatches from the NHS frontline. And, because I can't get out and about in the wild for walks as much as I'm used to, I've been really appreciating my subscription of Countryfile magazine all the more- a start of 2020 treat to myself which I'm really delighted I committed to. 

Flowers- at the start of lockdown, I remember being really impatient for everything in the garden to get growing, but because I'm at home every day now I find myself noticing the tiniest changes. Whilst things are slowly starting to bloom, I've found that having flowers in the house has really made a difference to how I feel, so have signed up for a few Freddie's Flowers deliveries per month- it's really lovely to have a surprise waiting on the doorstep on drop off day! As well as that, I've also ordered a few bunches from Bloom & Wild- especially given that it's peony season, it would feel rude not to! (If you're similarly inclined, then you can find my top tips for perfect peonies here!)

Treats to the doorstep- Showing support and solidarity for small businesses continues to be essential just at the moment, and I never need an excuse to buy food. So when I saw that one of my favourite Borough Market based bakeries, Bread Ahead, was offering some home delivery options to my area, I snapped up some of their essentials, including a sourdough loaf, some bread rolls and a selection of croissants and pain au chocolat, which have definitely served to take my breakfast came to the next level. As well as that, I've wanted to sample some Pump Street Chocolate for ages, so treated myself to some of their bestsellers in a chocolate gift box- needless to say that I've ploughed through them in record time and am just about to order some more supplies!

Are you on furlough at the moment? How are you managing?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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