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20.07.2020- Socially Distanced Diaries: Wakehurst Place

Whilst being quite restricted in how much we've been able to get out and about over recent months has been a bit of a bizarre adjustment to make, it's also been strangely soothing to embrace a more relaxed pace, and also had definitely allowed me the opportunity to explore places closer to home which I haven't previously had the time for. The last few months have made me more grateful than usual for where I live- being surrounded by plenty of open spaces with a few towns just on the doorstep has made life a lot easier, and, for the moment at least, I can't see myself venturing into central London unless it's absolutely necessary. As topsy-turvy as this whole period has been, it's also completely reconfirmed that I'm a total country bumpkin at heart, and love nothing more than being surrounded by nature and fresh air. A few weeks ago, in celebration of my lovely friend Katharine's birthday, we met up for a socially distanced outing to Wakehurst, Kew's wild botanical garden in Sussex, which I've always been aware of but simply never got around to exploring- until now: 

Having now reopened to the public, Wakehurst are operating a pre-booked admission system with timed slots for entry and really effectively managed social distancing across the site- including the loos! Set across 500 acres, it's the perfect place to spend a day, with more than enough space to roam without having to feel stressed out about keeping a distance from other groups, and there are some truly spectacular sights to take in when you get there too. From the beautiful Wetlands area, to Bloomers Valley, a stunning meadow restoration, there's so much to enjoy. A real favourite for me was being able to see the incredible Giant American Redwoods up close in such close proximity to other varieties of tree, and making friends with some birds too. As well as that, the original Tudor mansion (although currently closed) is truly spectacular too. Definitely somewhere I'd visit again in a heartbeat. 

Have you discovered any new local favourites during lockdown?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell and Katharine Morgan, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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