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07.08.2020- Lockdown Lunch #15: Katherine Glyde

Aaand, it's Friday again! It's so strange that we're now in the first week of August (as well as, it seems, in the middle of a heatwave!) but I've had quite a productive week this week which has been good and I'm trying not to worry too much about things which are out of my control for the time being. I'm not sure how long that vibe will last, but for now it's one which I'm keen to embrace! 

My lockdown lunch guest this week has also really inspired me to be more philosophical about life at the moment. I've know the lovely Katherine since we started working together back in 2014, and she's been a total inspiration ever since. Even though we've long since left the roles where we initially met, until the start of lockdown we were lucky enough to both be working in the same area, so would catch up for lunch as often as we could. She's also been a total rock to me personally for as long as I can remember, with work worries as well as helping me to stress much less before and after my laparoscopy a few years ago. She's recently started the wonderful my.endo.diaries to share her experiences of Endometriosis, and it's no understatement to say that she's one of my real-life heroes. Here's how she's been getting on with life lately:

How are you coping with things at the moment? 

Lockdown has been a period of extreme highs and extreme lows, ‘the Coronacoaster’ is my absolute favourite way of looking at it! It finally feels like we are getting back to some form of normality, the gyms are reopening and I’m heading to the beach next week and I can’t wait to breathe in that salty sea air. I worked from home at the start of lockdown, then got furloughed, which was actually pretty great because suddenly I actually had the time to do all the things I’ve wanted to do but not had the time for before. I’ve done some online courses, worked on some side hustles, volunteered with Endometriosis UK to support them on their WalkForEndo campaign and just generally enjoying life at a much slower pace. The theatre sector has been hit so hard by lockdown and unfortunately, I am also now playing for Team Redundancy. Looking for that silver lining I decided that being made redundant doesn’t really fit with my vibe, so I’m treating this like the sabbatical that I have always dreamed about – granted I won’t be writing my best selling book on a beach in the Caribbean but what’s a girl to do, I’ll make the best of it. I’m really looking forward to cherry picking all my favourite things workwise and turning it all into a new career.

What are you missing most about life?

I miss my old routine, the Central Line not so much, but meeting friends at lunchtimes, exploring the city, working in an office full of people rather than seeing faces through a screen. Finding ways to adapt to the situation was tricky, I have a huge family and I only got to see some of them for the first time in months last week and I couldn’t believe how much my little nephews have grown up. Not being able to see my brother and his family is really tough, the lockdown restrictions are a lot stricter in Wales so FaceTime will have to do for a bit longer. 

Which foods/recipes have you been reaching for? 

When lockdown started, I took the opportunity to eat every possible type of sugary carb-filled treat I could get my hands on, think Bad Brownie and Doughnut Time. As a family we tried to support local businesses where we could, which meant fresh homemade bread and pastry deliveries! When the carb overload started to take its toll, I used my new found spare time to experiment with endometriosis friendly recipes that taste great. I have been reading as much as I can about endometriosis and using food as a way of managing symptoms. My fruity chocolate loaf cake is my favourite so far! 

What small things are making you happy? 

Being able to walk my dog every day has been a saviour for my mental health, our dog Pip is a teacup shih tzu, who thinks she’s the size of a Rottweiler, is the real winner of lockdown with daily walks and 24/7 cuddles! When the gyms closed my gym loaned us all equipment and moved all classes online which was an absolute saviour during the lockdown. With minimal equipment available we were forced to go back to basics and work on the foundations of fitness, perfecting our push ups and burpees etc, now that we’re back in the gym I can really feel how beneficial that time has been. 

What have you been enjoying as lockdown has eased? 

Even though we’re not allowed to hug each other yet, being in the same room as my family members is just great. Going out for coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) again. I definitely underestimated how much I enjoyed doing that pre-lockdown.

I've been finding a lot of comfort in hot chocolate too- can't wait to enjoy one with you soon pal! A massive than you to Katherine for taking part- follow her wonderful account here and find out all about Walk for Endo too!

(Image credit: Katherine Glyde, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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