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21.08.2020- Lockdown Lunch #16: Emma Louise Griffiths

And, just like that- we're almost at the end of August..! Honestly, I'm not sure how it can feel like the days go by so slowly yet cumulatively at such speed, and it's super scary to be here at the outset of autumn without any real sense of things changing. It's difficult not to feel stupefied by a sense of stagnation- I'm in a sort of limbo just at the moment with so much, but have a few things to look forward to on the horizon, including a trip to Belfast next week which cannot come soon enough. Hopefully a blast of the fresh air of the Causeway Coast and a break from these surroundings will afford me a little bit more clarity in terms of how to plan to move forward...sorry to sound so cryptic about it all for now. I really want to get a lot of my thoughts about this situation down on paper before too long, so when I've had a chance to gather them, I'm sure there will be a long, wordy post all about it coming your way.

For now, though, another installment of my lockdown lunch series! Pulling this thread together has been a real joy over the last few months, and has allowed me to touch base with so many wonderful people, all of whom inspire me each and every day. This week's guest is no exception- the wonderful Emma Louise Griffiths- stylist extraordinaire and an all-round top babe! I first got to know Emma a long time ago now, when she was running the official magazine of Graduate Fashion Week- in fact, it's thanks to her that I got my first paid writing gig- something which I'll be forever grateful for! Here's a look at how life lately has been for her:

How are you coping with things at the moment? 

I'm now well into my fourth month of furlough so it's beginning to feel a little tiresome and so sad seeing so many in my industry suffering through the most brutal of times, it's such a mixed bag of emotions. I've been trying to keep myself occupied and busy so i don't go mad, but there's only so much DIY you can do! I've been reading loads and working on launching my own business, so those are my coping strategies right now, I'm very privileged to have a roof over my head and financial security so it's all about reminding yourself of what you have and how you can use this time to the best of your ability. 

What are you missing most about life as it was? 

Probably the same as most, seeing my friends and family for impromptu dinner or drinks. It really has sucked the joy out of living in London, just popping to after work cocktails with my girlfriends or the theatre with my mum. I just miss having a bitch about my day with the girls over a large pinot! Plus seeing how this has affected so many of my colleagues makes me miss working with amazingly talented people, I was surrounded daily by wonderful women working on great things, so I miss getting to create with them daily. 

Which foods/recipes have you been reaching for? 

Comfort food. Without a doubt. At first (along with the whole of Instagram) I was baking, making Anna's cookies (from The Anna Edit) and they kept me very happy, but as time has gone on my energy to cook has waned so i'm just reaching for the classics, spag bol, fajitas and Deliveroo- haha!
It was a happy day in my house when McDonalds came back to Deliveroo!

What small things are making you happy? 

My husband, he's been such a rock throughout all this. We had our first wedding anniversary during lockdown and we celebrated by drinking some champagne gifted on our engagement and sat on the balcony making plans and promises for the next year. It wasn't what we'd had planned but it was still so lovely and special to us. 

What are you making time for now lockdown is easing? 

Seeing family, we've been borrowing a car and sitting outside with all the family we've missed terribly which has been so nice, it's been like a little tour of the UK! As I said, I'm starting my own fashion brand soon so that's now taking all my time instead which has been such fun! Getting me inspired in a time of dense lack of creativity.

Emma, I am so with you on missing spontaneity, not to mention how sad it is to see what it happening to the creative industries- especially, as you say, the wonderfully inspiring women who make stuff happen. I really hope that it won't be too long before some normality can return in this sense. And I cannot wait to see more of your own brand soon!

A huge thank you to Emma for taking part- be sure to follow here on Instagram here.

(Image credit: Emma Louise Griffiths, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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