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14.10.2020- What I Wore Today #434

Goodness, it feels very strange looking back on these photographs from the summer given what's unfolding just at the moment. I remember how lovely it was to feel slightly more optimistic about things just then, and although I'm trying to feel positive about the next few months it's quite tricky to tune out of the noise and confusion surrounding everything as it currently stands. I think that being able to get out and about and enjoy the glorious weather over the summer also made a massive difference to how optimistic I felt, and with a long winter in prospect it's difficult not to feel too overwhelmed by it all. There's a lot more I hope to be able to share about my own circumstances in the next few weeks, but for now I'm trying to hold on to a small slice of my summertime optimism by looking back at some snaps from a lovely day out:

Blouse- Meadows 
Trousers- Marks and Spencer 
Sunglasses- c/o Oliver Bonas

This Meadows blouse was a purchase which I made at the start of the summer, and it's a total gem. I had anticipated being able to wear it on a few more formal outings, but, alas, 2020 has had other plans completely. As it was, a trip to my local lavender farm was just as lovely, accompanied by one of my oldest friends as we put the world to rights over lunch and a lemonade. As I sit here penning this post wrapped up in a hoodie and slippers, I find myself longing for these days for more reasons than's hoping that next summer will have a completely different complexion.

Have you been reminiscing about the summer lately?

(Image credit: Elizabeth Etherington, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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