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21.10.2020- What I Wore Today #435

Aaaand, just like that it feels like we're back to square one again, doesn't it? Honestly, I think I might have to stop watching the news again before too long- everything is becoming just a BIT MUCH. Not knowing what will happen from day to day, let alone week to week is something which is making it feel impossible to know how to best plan ahead, and that's without even mentioning any of the other heavy stuff happening just at the moment. Much as I did at the start of all of this, I'm finding joy in looking back on happier days, including some lovely days out during the summer:

Jacket- Des Petits Hauts (via Quattro Rish)
Dress- Vintage (via Mum!)     
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban (c/o John Lewis)
Shoes- Adidas

How amazing is this dress? I borrowed it from my Mum for a few days back in the summer when it was really warm and I had a few socially-distanced meetups in the diary, and it was perfect for throwing on with minimal stress. As well as the jazzy print, the maxi style is one which I've become increasingly fond of over recent years, so this was a real winner on all accounts! Layered over the top here is a end of summer sale purchase from a lovely local boutique in the shape of this Des Petits Hauts Denim Jacket. I've been after a piece like this for ages, so finally getting hold of one with a pretty tidy saving was a total win, and it's been an essential which I've been living in a lot of late. Whilst it'll be a little while before I can deploy this combination again, it's definitely one which I can wait to revisit next year, when (fingers crossed!) everything will have a better complexion.

Are you packing away your summer staples?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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