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23.12.2020- What I Wore Today #443

*insert long exhale here*.....It's honestly rare that I'll run out of words but 2020, with a week or so to go, has finally got me stumped. The year which has seen so much change is once again throwing us curveball after curveball, and I'm struggling to keep up with the pace to be honest. The mixed messages, the confusing news, feeling good one day and scared the's all just been A BIT MUCH, hasn't it?! The complexion of the end of the year is also inevitably different, but I hope that whatever you're up to this festive season you're safe and sensible, as well as making time to look after yourself and relax, especially if you've been working hard through an incredibly challenging nine months. For me, the festive season is all about leaning in to the big hibernation energy which I always feel at this time of the year (for a winter baby, unusual, I know) and settling down on the sofa with some quality telly and good reads. This festive season, the hype is very real for Bridgerton, which arrives on Netflix on Christmas Day and looks set to be a very promising treat for period drama devotees such as myself. And, speaking of which, one of the newest additions to my wardrobe is very much helping me to channel some big Georgian energy:

Cardigan- La Redoute 
Dress- Benjamin Fox 
Sunglasses- c/o Oliver Bonas 
Shoes- Veja

How wonderful is this dress from Benjamin Fox? It's a handmade slice of linen loveliness which made its way to me just in time for the last few days of autumnal sunshine- and as such it felt rude not to take it for a spin around the block! Not only are the ruffles the absolute dream, but the fit couldn't be more perfect, and I'm already anticipating it getting plenty of wear next spring and summer- hopefully even to some special occasions, should we *fingers crossed* be in that position as 2021 progresses. I really hope with all of my heart that we will be. 

Have you discovered any new favourites recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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