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27.01.2021- What I Wore Today #448

Another week living in lockdown! How are we all doing? I'm holding up ok so far, trying to keep busy and not pay too much attention to *looks around* everything else- if only as a bit of a self-preservation tool if nothing else. The snow at the weekend was a wonderful temporary diversion too, wasn't it? It was also lovely to be able to appreciate it with the same childlike wonder which I once felt, rather than stressing out about what flurries of flakes would mean for my commute...all of that feels like another lifetime now, doesn't it?! With winter well and truly in progress, I've been keeping things cosy and reaching for some mood-boosting favourites:

Jumper- Lola Alba Vintage 
Leggings- Uniqlo

How incredible is this jumper? It's a fantastic vintage piece from Lola Alba Vintage, with the beautiful floral embellishment added for a wonderful mood booster- just looking at it hanging up in my room as I type this is making me feel optimistic for the spring! Slightly more practically, it's also super warm and really comfortable- perfect for keeping cosy on these chillier days. Here (as is the case with most of my tops and knits at the moment!), I layered it over a pair of much-deployed leggings from Uniqlo which have been a brilliant lockdown discovery- comfort is a reoccuring theme as you might be able to tell! 

Which cosy pieces have you been reaching for lately?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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