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19.02.2021- Lockdown Lunch #19: Jeanie Muldownie

It's been a little while since I've penned a one of these posts, but as we're still living that lockdown life, it seemed like the ideal time to kick it back into gear. As spring is approaching (yay!), I'm feeling a fair bit more optimistic than I have in a while, and it's been lovely to see the sunshine again after a week or so of living with the snow and sub zero temperatures! As well as the mood-boost, the onset of spring and the sense of change which it brings with it offers the ideal opportunity to switch things up in the style stakes, and I've got my pennies saved up for a new design from the wonderful BackBySundown. After picking up a beautiful dress from this fabulous independent brand just before the end of last year, I'm eagerly anticipating their spring drop, and recently caught up with BackBySundown's fantastic founder, designer and seamstress extraordinaire, Jeanie, to hear all about it, and find out how she's been getting on with lockdown living of late:

How are you coping with things at the moment? 

The first, and even second lockdown were so different to the third for me. If you had asked me this during the first two lockdowns my answer would be completely different to my answer now! This is going to sound so mundane but I get up early, have a coffee/porridge/stretch and get outside before I EVEN LOOK AT A SEWING MACHINE and go for a walk. I go early so it doesn't eat in to my day. It has been my routine for so long now that I don't know how I would survive without it. When I get back to my home studio, I am full of energy and ready to make and send your lovely orders! 

What are you missing most about life as it was? 

Oh lordy....there is so so so much! Of course, family and friends! But honestly... dancing! I LOVE dancing. Especially dancing with my friends. Sometimes I am in the supermarket and an amazing song comes on quietly in the background, and I have a flash back of us all pulling some hilarious shapes on the dance floor and it makes my heart ache. We were those people that would burst into whatever scenario and would always absolutely make the most of it. I am lucky to have friends that really love dancing as much as me! Oh my GOD I miss it so much. 

Which foods/recipes have you been reaching for? 

Well... less me and more my partner Harry. He mastered the sourdough! Taught me everything and now I am pretty good at baking it too...with his guidance. It's a labour of love though... it takes two days to make one loaf, so at the beginning even if it was rock solid, we would have a slice! Too much effort not to! ha ha! 

What small things are making you happy? 

Voice notes! I was never really into them or really used this tool on WhatsApp, but now I use it all the time and really look forward to hearing a note back from another life! Takes you out of your own bubble into another world and brings a little closeness, which I know we are all craving! 

What are you making time for now that you didn’t before? 

This sounds like I am bad daughter but my mum! ha ha! (love you mum!) Both our lives have changed drastically for many reasons over the last two years, however early on in the third lockdown my mum unfortunately caught Covid. I couldn't physically check on her with her living up North. It was such a tough time. So since then we decided to call every morning (if we can) and we talk about all sorts of rubbish, which sometimes can even inspire a design! It's been so therapeutic for us both. I work from home and she is furloughed, so it's a precious time for us both and I LOVE it. I am happy to say she is getting back to her normal self now! Soon I have a New Spring Collection dropping. It's going to be nostalgic, bright and joyful. Soon to launch this month! I can't wait! 

I miss dancing so much that the kitchen disco has become a regular fixture in my weeks recently! A huge thank you to Jeanie for taking the time to answer my questions, and keeping everything crossed for lots of real-life reunions soon. The beautiful spring collection from BackBySundown launches on the 28th February via the website- see you there! In the meantime, be sure to give their Instagram a follow for all the spring style inspiration you could ever need!

(Image credit: Jeanie Muldownie, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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