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10.03.2021- What I Wore Today #450

Spring is well and truly in the air, don't you think?! I always forget just how much I love this time of the year, but there really is nothing like the spring for lifting the spirits. It's been so lovely after the last few weeks to be able to get out into the garden and see everything looking lively again, and walking around the neighbourhood and seeing all of the trees blossoming in front of me has been a real balm for the soul, especially after a winter which has felt super long after months of lockdown. Although there's still a bit of a chill in the air, over the last few weeks it's been lovely to be able to pop out of the house (keeping it local, of course) without a coat!

Jumper- Oliver Bonas
Jeans- Whistles
Sunglasses- Oliver Bonas
Shoes- Novesta (via Toast)

How lovely is this knit from Oliver Bonas? It's absolutely perfect for this time of the year, and reminds me of a similar style which I had from Sezane a few years ago which very sadly shrank in the wash...fingers crossed that this one holds up a little better! The little embroidered floral details make it a lovely reflection of the spring blooms out and about, and I can't wait to get lots more wear out of it over the next few months...hopefully to some slightly farther flung locations than my village!

Have you picked up any new spring styles recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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